About our Restaurant

Restaurants make hundreds of decisions as to what products they will serve their guests. These decisions are often based on two factors: cost and convenience. It can be tempting when a sales rep says, “Buy this processed product; it will be cheaper and a lot easier for your staff.” What they gain in convenience is usually lost in serving their customer a less healthy, clean, allergy friendly menu item. Processing an item for consumption at a later date oftentimes means adding colors, flavors, or preservatives to the product. This usually results in companies being forced to add allergens or other chemicals to a processed product that then end up being “enjoyed” by the consumer.

Noble Restaurant believes in doing it differently. We go to great lengths to make sure none of the foods we serve contain any artificial colors. This is one of the reasons we adhere to certain practices like serving only wild-caught seafood and making most of our food from scratch in our own kitchen. Although doing this extra work is sometimes more expensive and almost always less convenient, we believe it is the best way to know what we are serving our customers. Being able to serve our customers allergy-friendly, carefully sourced, clean food is crucial to how we make decisions in regards to the food we serve. We are still a business and cost/convenience must play a key role in our decisions but we feel that business can be about more than just profits.