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nopbwI wish Noble was an 100% organic restaurant.  I wish I was able to source all of my products like my buddy Chris Mckellar does at Love’s Ice Cream.  But, sadly, at this time, I cannot.  It wouldn’t be feasible for my restaurant to do that and it probably wouldn’t even be possible – I’m not sure.  What I can do though is offer a wide selection of organic items and as more become available and viable, add them to the menu.

As we looked at our menu, we looked at what would be the ideal items to purchase organically.  We started with organic milk and chocolate milk.  It was difficult to get the chocolate milk because we also had to buy organic sugar and organic cocoa, but thanks to the magic of the internet, we were able to find what we needed.  We then moved on to eggs – we are a breakfast restaurant after all.  We decided it would be cost prohibitive to only serve organic eggs, but thought it made sense to offer them at cost when substituted for non-organic eggs.  This allows us to keep our prices competitive but at the same time offer a key organic item for minimal cost.

We now carry a decent number of items that are organic.  This list includes: milk, chocolate milk, eggs, bread (from Little Rooster Bread Company), half ‘n half (used in our french toast batter), 100% real maple syrup, steel cut oatmeal, agave nectar, sugar, yogurt, carrots, hummus, and lemon juice (used in our organic lemonade).  Although this list is somewhat random, we feel every little bit helps and we will continue to try and source out organic items to offer our guests.

One more organic item that is starting with the transition to Noble restaurant is organic chicken.  Although it is very expensive to purchase, we strongly feel that it is a product that will fit in well in our business and be appreciated by our guests.  This will be the only chicken we use and it will be in our wraps, omelets, salads, and most importantly, our amazing chicken strips.  If you have not tried our chicken strips yet, may I suggest that you do so.  Not only are they light and perfectly seasoned, they are also gluten-free.  On top of being gluten-free they are also dairy-free and nut-free.  Now, for some people that may not sound very delicious, and, I really couldn’t blame you.  I think if you give them a try, you may be pleasantly surprised.  They go great with are homemade BBQ, ranch, or honey mustard – all made in house from scratch.

Keep on the lookout as we continue to move our menu forward and thanks for taking sometime out of your busy day to read about our organic efforts.

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