“How would you like that colored?”

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  During the past 50 years, artificial food color consumption has increased 500% in the American diet. It’s not just fruit flavored cereal and candy that includes these additives, but seemingly innocent items such as pancake syrup, yogurt, oatmeal, salad dresings, pickles, and even salmon. These, and many many more foods, may contain one or […]

November 2015 Press Release

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Noble Becomes First Local Restaurant to Remove All Artificial Colors and Flavors from Entire Menu For Immediate Release: Wyoming, Nov. 2, 2015 – Noble, a breakfast and lunch restaurant owned by Andrew Lamppa, breaks the mold of most restaurants by aiming to be a leader in serving clean food. Operating under the moniker of 44th […]

Definition of a restaurant.

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I looked at the definition of a restaurant this morning and here’s what I found: “a place where people pay to sit and eat meals that are cooked and served on the premises.”  What I find interesting is the phrase: “cooked…on the premises.”  What does the word cooked actually mean.  Cook is defined as: “prepare […]

A growing list of organic offerings

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I wish Noble was an 100% organic restaurant.  I wish I was able to source all of my products like my buddy Chris Mckellar does at Love’s Ice Cream.  But, sadly, at this time, I cannot.  It wouldn’t be feasible for my restaurant to do that and it probably wouldn’t even be possible – I’m not […]

Noble Restaurant – Why the Change

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I purchased the 44th St. Diner on November 16, 2004.  Over the past 10 or  so years I’ve operated it very similarly to the way it was when I purchased it.  Around this time last year, I felt it was time to make some significant changes. The biggest change I made was closing for Sundays […]

What’s in a Name?

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After 11 year of being the 44th St. Diner, we’ve decided to change our name to Noble Restaurant.  Although we will miss the heritage that our name has had for many years, we feel the direction the restaurant is going deserves a new name.  What will not be changing the location, owners, staff, hours, etc. […]